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The Pilates Bodyshop is the only Fletcher Pilates® studio in Los Angeles. Conveniently located off the 5 freeway in the neighborhood of Silver Lake, the studio offers Private Lessons, 4x4 (group apparatus lessons), and Studio Classes. It was built with the ideal movement experience in mind with a spacious eco friendly classroom and a large, fully equipped apparatus space which is furnished with handcrafted equipment by Balanced Body. It is the premiere studio in Los Angeles with 2800 square feet, highly educated Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teachers, and ample parking. At the Bodyshop, you will learn how to move better in an environment that promotes concentration, endurance, exploration of movement, and supports your physical sense of well being. It is simply the most unique studio in Los Angeles and you are invited to come and experience all it has to offer.

“Movement should be approached like life – with enthusiasm, joy and gratitude – for movement is life, and life is movement, and we get out of it what we put into it.” – Ron Fletcher



Kerri began her Pilates practice ten years ago after a debilitating car accident left her with multiple complex injuries. She began with the east coast style while attending The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She shortly moved to Los Angeles and began a television and film career but found she was always searching for a deeper understanding of the Pilates practice that was keeping her body and mind together.

After completing, and even teaching several teacher-training courses with some of the most respected names in the Pilates field, Kerri came to the work of master teacher Ron Fletcher. She discovered her most profound body transformations with Fletcher Pilates® and through the rigorous and demanding study of his lineage, she finally found the depth of knowledge that she had been seeking. While attending the Ron Fletcher Comprehensive Program of Study™ in Tucson, Arizona she found that Ron’s Seven Standing and Centering Cues and Fletcher Fundamentals allowed her to teach movement in a precise manner so the work could be applied to life outside the studio. She is the Fletcher Pilates® Facilitator for Los Angeles and teaches several licensing courses a year in specific aspects of the Fletcher work.

Her experience as a student of several Pilates styles, a patient, a physical therapy aide, an artist, and a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher, gives her a singular ability to pass this work on. The opening of her first studio for riders in early 2009 was the reintroduction of the Fletcher Pilates® lineage to Los Angeles. With the opening of The Pilates Bodyshop, she is creating the space she so longed for during her own journey. It is her privilege and honor to be teaching this work, evolved directly from Joseph and Clara Pilates, passed to Ron Fletcher, and now to her and her teachers.


McKENNA, Fletcher Certified Instructor

McKenna first came across Pilates at her college recreation center as a way to strengthen her muscles while maintaining a lean physique to accompany her dancing. Little did she know how much of impact Pilates would have on her life. She learned a great deal about the anatomy of her body and ways in which to properly stabilize to move. She was able take her Pilates skills and work to counter balance the havoc years of over torqueing took on her dancer body.

McKenna is passionate about the Pilates work and everything it encompasses. Not only does she believe that Pilates is a vigorous and physically challenging workout, but it also offers mental clarity and awareness. McKenna’s dance experience has provided her with a strong movement background that has helped to facilitate her Pilates training. She enjoys sharing the Fletcher work with her clients, and finds it fulfilling to help them find flowing motion in their bodies; seeing the benefits Pilates can bring to everyone.


MOLLY, Fletcher Certified Instructor

Molly was drawn to Pilates after various health professionals recommended it for her low back pain and sciatica. Having a background in classical ballet and modern dance she was instantly drawn to the precision and coordinated movement aspects of Ron Fletcher’s work. It reignited the spirit and satisfaction she had felt from dance. She was also humbled at the level of challenge and exertion required to “work the work” to its fullest benefit. Being back in the studio, though this time practicing Pilates rather than dance, was extremely fulfilling. The work also proved to eradicate her plaguing back pain and sciatica. Realizing that Fletcher Pilates was a necessary and indispensable complement to her lifestyle, she decided to pursue teaching as a career. Molly graduated from the Fletcher Pilates® Comprehensive Program in Tucson, AZ and is a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher. Molly is also an artist and received her BA from Bard College in upstate NY. She is thrilled to be able to teach in the beautiful Silverlake studio and to pass on her experience and training to others.


LUPA, Yamuna Body Rolling

Lupa has been "on the ball" since 2006, after successfully relieving her own extreme low back pain and overall structural issues using the highly effective Yamuna Body Rolling techniques. Continuing Yamuna's work as a full body maintenance program gave Lupa more insight to not only recognizing her body issues but also correcting them. Sharing this work has become a passion. She teaches YBR routines covering your entire body, from healthy foot function to the newer Yamuna Face Massage which addresses issues such as TMJ, migraines, chronic headaches, sinus issues etc.

Yamuna Body Rolling is the small ball therapy AND workout that is really an ANTI-AGING tool. A true sign of aging is when you limit or completely stop activities because your body does not comfortably perform the required range of motion. Join us as Lupa shows you CAN maintain a supple, well balanced body to do whatever you want!



Eve came to Pilates after the birth of her daughter in 2005. She had been a dancer and always active in different sports, however, significant weight gain and other physical changes during her pregnancy created a need to re-learn basic movement. With the help of a Physical Therapist (who happened to also be a licensed Pilates Teacher) Eve began a new relationship with her body that changed the course of her life. A year of healing and learning the fundamentals of Pilates 3-5 times per week (as a student in Alameda, CA) made her realize she needed to do this for the rest of her life! She immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Pilates education and began teaching in early 2007, certifying through Body Arts & Sciences International Mat Program. Eve completed her second certification in 2008 through Pilates Sports Center. However, there was still something very vital missing in her education. In 2008, Eve began working with Kerri Campbell and became licensed to teach Fletcher Towelwork in 2009. She continued to participate in Fletcher Pilates workshops and finally experienced Ron Fletcher, firsthand, at the first Fletcher Conference in 2010. Re-educating herself through the Fletcher Method (Fletcher Program, 2012) has brought an increased depth and understanding to her work.



Juliet is the Studio Manager and resident Massage Therapist of the Pilates Bodyshop. She is a graduate of the Swedish Institute, the country's preeminent school for massage therapy and has worked in top Los Angeles and New York City spas, hospitals and hospice care. Juliet specializes in deeply relaxing orthopedic massage and bodywork with a focus on alleviating chronic pain, tension and injuries. For more information please visit www.TheTransformedBody.com. Juliet is also a graduate of the yearlong intensive program at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Studies in New York and is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst. She occasionally teaches movement classes at the studio.

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    An Initial Lesson is required. This is a Private Lesson where a Qualified Fletcher Pilates® Teacher will discuss your goals, teach you terminology for your safety and to build your foundation, introduce you to the Pilates apparatus, and suggest an appropriate practice to suit your needs. The Fletcher 101 is our introductory package and is highly recommended. This includes your Initial Lesson, 3 additional Private Lessons, and 2 Studio Classes. It is designed to prepare you for whatever path you choose. This package will start to develop your understanding of the Fletcher Pilates® method and how it can help you reach your goals.


    Originally named Contrology, Pilates is a mind body conditioning practice that helps to bring the body into balance. It was created by Joseph and Clara Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates focuses on precise movements that can be done on different pieces of Pilates apparatus, in standing, or on the floor to create a long and balanced physique.


    Fletcher Pilates® is the complete body of work developed by first generation teacher Ron Fletcher, who was taught directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates and is one of the few “elders” in the Pilates world. It contains the original Pilates Method taught to him by Joseph and Clara, but also includes Ron’s contributions to the work. An emphasis on rhythm, flow, and the breath linking all movements together makes Fletcher Pilates® a continuous and challenging movement experience.   For more information, please visit fletcherpilates.com

  • Well, what's the difference between Fletcher Pilates, and other kinds of Pilates®?

    Encouraged by Clara Pilates to “Go and do” and add to the original Pilates catalogue, Ron Fletcher has spent his lifetime developing many signature innovations such as Fletcher Percussive Breathing™, Fletcher Towelwork™, Fletcher Floorwork™, Fletcher Barrework™ and Fletcher Spine Corrector™, which are not found in any other lineages of Pilates. These innovations came out of a need for what his students were lacking and inspiration has been drawn from the many great artists Ron has studied with, such as Martha Graham. It has lead to the most complete and comprehensive body of work that as a Qualified Fletcher® Pilates Teacher; we can pull from to address any goal. It’s best to think of Fletcher Pilates and other schools of Pilates like Samba and Ballet; both forms of dance, but different in style.

  • What should I expect in a Private Lesson?

    After your Fletcher 101 you may choose to continue with Private Lessons, or take a refresher lesson after beginning classes. The teacher will design a plan to address your specific body issues, to challenge you, and to focus on your needs. Fine tune your body as you fine tune the work.

  • What should I expect in a 4x4 Lesson?

    Each piece of Pilates equipment has a specific intention behind it. Many movements that look similar feel completely different when working on the varying apparatus. A good Pilates program and teacher will use the equipment to support, assist, or challenge the student. By working in different planes or positions, one can start to find how much their body has to offer. Our 4x4 Lessons are designed as a small group class, up to four participants, where you will work with this intention in mind. Pieces of movement will be taught on a variety of Pilates apparatus including but not limited to the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, and Ped-i-pull. Flow is taught by safely transitioning through each piece of movement and to each piece of equipment.
    Prerequisite: Fletcher 101 must be completed before entering 4x4 Lessons and/or teacher permission.

  • What should I expect in a Studio Class?

    All classes begin with Fletcher Standing and Centering™ cues. This work in vertical teaches proper body placement in a standing position, where a majority of life is spent. This allows the student to develop an awareness of their posture and take the work into their daily activities. These cues also become the “language” when brought to the floor or apparatus. Fletcher Towelwork™ or the Magic Circle may be added to address the shoulder girdle while working in standing. This prepares the body and spine for the movements that will be taught throughout class.

  • What can Fletcher Pilates do for me?

    Fletcher Pilates®, when practiced consistently, leads to a deeper understanding of how your body moves. In turn, this allows you to use more of your body and create a longer and leaner musculature. Some of the many benefits include better posture, increased strength, balance, flexibility, and relief from tension. You will strengthen what is weak, lengthen what is tight, and sculpt your body to be strong from the inside out.

  • How long will it take me to notice a difference in my body?

    Not very long at all! Joe’s original claim was “In 10 lessons you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and by 30 you will have a whole new body.” Many people can feel the work begin to reorganize their body within the first few lessons and with time profound change can happen for anyone.

  • How often should I take a private lesson or class?

    We recommend 2 – 3 times per week to maximize your results and the benefits of the work. Standing lessons or classes are available to ensure your consistency with your program.

  • What should I wear?

    Comfortable but form-fitting clothing, preferably black, is required so the teacher can make precise corrections to your form. We encourage bare feet but socks are ok. No shoes.

  • What if I had an injury? Can I still do Fletcher Pilates?

    Immediately following an injury comprehensive rehabilitation is key, but post treatment Fletcher Pilates® can be done by anyone in any state of physical well-being. If you are planning to begin your Pilates practice after an extended absence from physical fitness, or after an injury, it is of course recommended that you consult your physician before you begin.

  • Will Fletcher Pilates strengthen my stomach?

    Yes! This movement program will help to tighten and whittle your middle.

  • I want to lose weight. Will this help me?

    Advanced level Fletcher Pilates® has a cardio aspect to it, but in the beginning most Fletcher Pilates movements do not.

  • I want to learn to teach Pilates. How do I apply to the Pilates Teacher Training Program?

    Advanced level Fletcher Pilates® has a cardio aspect to it, but in the beginning most Fletcher Pilates movements do not.

  • How do I prepare to enter the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program?

    It is essential to go through a student process to learn the work in your own body before entering a process to learn to teach this method to others. We require that you take at least 30 private Pilates sessions and at least 30 group Pilates class/overview/workshop hours with a Qualified Fletcher Pilates Teacher prior to initiating the program. We provide logs to track your pre-requisite hours once you apply to the Program of Study.

  • Where can I learn more about your Pilates Teacher Training?